Beginner’s Guide to Win more Online Poker Games


If you’re based in Indonesia (IDN), playing online poker isn’t as easy as in other places. To start with, finding the right online poker IDN website is hard to come by. But even if after you find it, your progress depends on whether you’re playing to win or just to kill time. Playing online poker as a pastime is fine. But if you want to get the big pots, you need to up your game every step of the way.

If you’re a beginner, there can be a lot of challenges that come your way. With the growing popularity of online poker and similar games in the country, competitors are also getting better and better. As someone just starting, it can get frustrating when you keep on buying stakes but can’t win the big pots.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this brief list of strategies you can use to improve your game from the start. Remember, they won’t bring instant success, but they’ll set you up for more victories over time.

Best Beginner’s strategies for Online Poker

  1. Patience is key

One of the key things to remember in online poker is that you should hold more frequently than you play. Generally, most hands dealt are losing hands. So, you need to be patient enough not to throw your chips away on a mediocre hand.

  • Develop the right aggression

While patience is crucial, it’s equally vital to be aggressive when you have the right play. Being too fearful or cautious could lead you to bet less or fold early. Learn to use timely aggression whenever you see the opponents buckling under pressure.

  • Observation is always the rule.

Regardless of whether you’re at the center of play or already folded, always observe the table. This includes betting patterns, folding tendencies, holding durations, etc. After a while, you’ll be able to make calculated guesses on what your opponent’s move might be. It gives you an advantage even when you’re dealt a not-so-great hand.

  • Pick up the game’s language

Online poker, like most other card games, has its own set of lingos. As a beginner, you’ll benefit by learning the words as fast as possible. Whether it’s a ‘double gutshot’ or a ‘cutoff,’ it helps to stay aware of what you see and hear. This way, you’ll be able to focus on the strategy without being confused about what’s happening.

  • Maintain focus and composure

One area that new players often struggle with is in maintaining composure. It’s common to see beginners betting excitedly when the hand is good or folding easily if the cards are bad. Keeping your cool in crunch situations will improve your bluff and your overall strategy. Try your best to avoid distractions and focus on the play at hand. Building this concentration will help you pick up the other tips mentioned above.


Getting the right winning strategy as a beginner will depend on how you improve. There will always be slumps and unexpected losses along the way. But stick to the basics without compromise and keep these tips in mind as you enjoy the game.

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