Some newbie questions about Blackjack


Once a player becomes more competent at blackjack there are a number of questions that arise about playing a better game and things that might factor in winning more. We go through four of these here to try and put your mind at peace!

A popular question is: Does it make a difference which seat you sit at in blackjack. The simple answer is no! The player at third base often comes under criticism because they are last to be dealt cards before the dealer gets theirs. What the player at third base does can make the dealer win when he should have lost. A lot of blame is often given out for this. However it is just as likely that the third base player will make the dealer lose a hand that he should have won. It really makes no difference what the other players do.

If I follow the same rules as the dealer of hitting until I reach 17, then do I win more often? No, because if you both bust, then you both lose, so your edge is reduced, plus the dealer always goes last which gives them the greater house edge.

What is the chance of getting a blackjack? It depends on the number of decks, but it is around 4.7%

When basic strategy says to split cards, for example, two 8′s against a 10 or ace, does this not make my chances of losing double just as much as winning double? No. Calculations show that your net loss when splitting in that situation is less than when you continue with the hand.

So we hope that answers a few questions and keeps you playing blackjack at the top of your game.

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