Online casinos for beginners


Are you so new to online gambling that you don’t really know much about online casinos? No problem. They are a simple concept really. An online casino is simply a piece of software based on the Internet that functions as closely as possible to a real land-based casino. They allow you and I (real people) to play in a virtual environment in the comfort of our homes, office or Internet café.

You can bet against other live players or the online host and you usually have all the options and bets available to you that you would in the type of casino you can walk into off the street. One great advantage of online casinos is that they often offer you the opportunity to bet with “play” money. This is essentially virtual money and allows you to play for as long as you like, topping up your virtual money again if you lose. While you don’t actually lose anything this way, you don’t actually win anything either. It’s just a great way to practise and get a feel for a particular casino game. You can play all you want until you feel comfortable enough to play with your own money.

So what games can you play online? Well, like we have already said, online casinos are made to be as close to real life as possible, so they offer all the classic games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and slots. But they also offer many more in addition to this and quite often you can play a greater number of games online that you would be able to play in a land-based casino.

So how do you play and online casino? There are two types to consider. The first are “download casinos”. With these, you download the free casino software to your computer and install it like any other program. They have good graphics, game-play and features. The second type are “no download casinos”. These are casinos with software based on the web which you can usually play instantly. These are built using flash or java language, and although are more limited that “download casinos”, they are more flexible. You can play them in situations where you can’t download and install software like in an internet café or on your mobile phone.

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